The Strangers: Chapter 1 2024

How To Stream The Strangers: Chapter 1 2024 On FlixTor?
The classic horror film of the same name is reimagined in The Strangers Chapter 1. In it, three masked individuals torment a couple, and they must work together to survive the ordeal. It begins with Ryan and Maya traveling across the United States. Unfortunately, they have car problems that cut short their excursion, forcing them to spend the night in a lonely cabin. They choose to create the atmosphere of a romantic evening. But a stranger knocking on the door claims to be looking for a buddy. Soon after, the couple encounters three masked individuals who torment them and force them to devise a plan for survival. Catch the best summer collections of Flixtor 2024 movies and shows online.

Genre: 2024HorrorMovie


Duration: 91 Min

Quality: CAM