The Beekeeper 2024 Cam Version

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Adam a beekeeper decides to handle things himself after his coworker Eloise ends up killing herself. After falling for a telephone phishing scam that wipes out her bank account a $2 million charity fund clean. In an attempt to get even he tracks down Mickey, the call centre manager. Adam is then brought to the notice of Derek, Mickey’s supervisor and Wallace a former director of the CIA. In the meantime Veronia an FBI agent and Eloise’s estranged daughter, looks into Eloise’s suicide and how it relates to Adam’s quest for vengeance. Kurt Wimmer’s screenplay suffers from a tone that is disorganised and convoluted. Flixtor id is a free web-based website for watching full-length HD movies and TV shows.

Genre: 2024ActionMovieThriller


Duration: 1h 45m

Quality: CAM