Hit Man 2024

How To Stream Hit Man 2024 On FlixTor?
“Hit Man” is one of those Linklater films that doesn’t always land on all the right notes, but it captured my attention from the beginning. It’s a little inconsistent, particularly with tone. Additionally, it seemed unsure of the kind of movie it wanted to be on multiple occasions. For instance, the first third is classic Linklater, full of his peculiar humor and distinctive style. A little while later, when the film becomes more romantic, the humor kind of fades away. Even later on, it develops into a murder mystery with shady cops and a massive cover-up, a la Sexy Cop. Skip Hollandsworth’s article of the same name from 2001 served as the inspiration for Linklater’s “Hit Man.” I recommend you to stream Flixtor movies online from fast and instant streaming servers.

Genre: 2024ActionComedyCrimeMovie


Duration: 115 Min

Quality: HD