Baby Reindeer Season 1

How To Stream Baby Reindeer Season 1 In HD On FlixTor?
Baby Reindeer follows the journey of Donny Dunn as he attempts to make it in the world of comedy. Starting off as a bartender trying his hand at stand-up, he faces failure. His life takes a strange turn when he develops a twisted relationship with a woman named Martha, who eventually becomes his stalker. The initial encounter between them is a mix of humor and sadness, with Martha’s peculiar behavior standing out. Richard Gadd shines as Donny Dunn, but it’s Jessica Gunning’s portrayal of Martha that steals the show, adding a touch of both emotion and fear to the story. Flixtor offers a selection of classic and recent films in a number of genres.

Genre: 2024BiographyDrama

Duration: 32m min