Loki S02 E05


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“Science/Fiction,” the fifth and final episode of Loki Season 2, delves into the aftermath of the Temporal Loom’s explosion and the destiny of the TVA agents. It is an exciting and poignant ride. We also meet a number of different iterations of Loki in this episode, each with a unique personality and past. As Loki reunites with his friends and gains control over his time-slipping ability, the episode is full of heart, humour, and surprises. Loki and his group are dispersed throughout the multiverse following the Temporal Loom’s collapse. Sylvie finds herself in a McDonald’s in the present day, while Loki and Mobius find themselves in 1962 Alcatraz. O.B., on the other hand, was still employed as a scientist in 1994. It is a platform that allows movie fans to get access to shows and movies on Flixtor to.

Duration: 45 m min