Griselda Season 1 2024

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The Netflix miniseries chronicles Griselda Blanco’s entire life, beginning in the late 1970s when she establishes an unstoppable drug empire in the centre of Miami, Florida. Her business expands swiftly, becoming incredibly profitable and efficient as she rises to the top of the hierarchy. Nevertheless, every move she takes has a violent reaction. Due to her enormous success Griselda has a lot of adversaries in the criminal and drug trades. If Griselda wants to stay at the top, she has to fight dirty because a lot of gangster-type dealers want her dead. These violent, vindictive sociopaths, like Amilcar, Rafa Salazar and Papo Mejia are examples of these nasty Narcos. Watch Griselda Season 1 2024 in HD video quality on Flixtor vip with its user-friendly interface accessing content is simple.

Genre: 2024BiographyCrimeDrama

Duration: 52 min