Thelma 2024

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The movie centers on a ninety-three-year-old grandma who falls victim to phone scammers and loses $10,000. Disturbed by the experience, she goes against her family’s wishes and enlists the aid of an old acquaintance to search for the perpetrators on a quick but spooky walk through Los Angeles’ streets. June Squibb, a nominee for an Academy Award, is hilarious in the lead role. She gives one of the funniest and most motivational performances of the year, capturing the ideal balance between ignorance and tenacity. However, her refusal to let her age hold her back is what really makes her stand out from other elderly characters we’ve seen over the history of film. Strangely enough, Tom Cruise gives her the idea and ends up inspiring her on a regular basis. Browse popular titles all at the tip of your finger via Flixtor platform.

Genre: 2024ActionComedyMovie


Duration: 98 Min

Quality: CAM