Trigger Warning 2024

How To Stream Trigger Warning 2024 On FlixTor?
“Trigger Warning” starts out with a clumsy chase action and lacks momentum. Starting in the Badiyat al-Sham Desert of Syria, Parker leads an elite team of CGI vehicles that pursue possible terrorists. Those appear to be Lego vehicles traversing a sandy surface. Parker fires from the window of her jalopy soundstage-style jeep as it rattles back and forth. This brief sequence ends anticlimactically with a garishly shot truck crash involving a Syrian. Its function, apart from being a commonplace cold open. It aims to depict Parker as a by-the-book killer and bloodily dispose of Brown people. She averts a colleague’s execution of the MENA inmates. According to genres, you can sort films and shows via Flixtor movie website.

Genre: 2024ActionMovieThriller


Duration: 106 Min

Quality: HD