House of the Dragon S02E03

How To Stream House of the Dragon S02E03 On FlixTor?
In addition to demonizing Team Black, “Rhaenyra the Cruel” demonstrated the incompetence of the Greens’ strategy. Aegon’s actions in removing Otto Hightower from the council appear inevitable. In addition, Team Black permitted Daemon to depart from the castle in an effort to seize Harrenhal for Rhaenyra. Rhaenyra wants to resolve the war diplomatically, despite their differences. Although the men of Westeros are in favor of war, her bond with Alicent might halt the onward march. “The Burning Mill” focuses a lot on this quest and whether or not those who want to govern Westeros can achieve peace in the region. Directed by Geeta Vasant Patel. For streaming, Flixtor has a good autoplay modern feature within each season of the shows.

Genre: 2024ActionAdventureDrama

Duration: 66 min