Ahsoka S01 E08


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This may be the ideal conclusion. A satisfying conclusion with a distinct Star Wars fairytale feel. Despite how awesome they were, I’m not just talking about the zombie stormtroopers. Think about what will happen to Morgan Elsbeth, who has sacrificed so much and worked so hard. She is honoured by the Great Mother’s acceptance of her as a witch, though at the price of complete loyalty, and on the same day, she is required to give her life in order for Thrawn to escape. Sabine, whose gamble has paid off, and Ahsoka, who has discovered that she should, like Anakin, have faith in her apprentice, have reconciled. And Sabine finally uses the force properly only after realising she is trusted. Now you can stream latest TV show episodes and films on Flixtor movie for free without any subscription charges.

Genre: 2023ActionAdventureDrama

Duration: 48m min