In the Land of Saints and Sinners 2024

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The story of The Land of Saints and Sinners, which begins with the planting of a car bomb in Belfast, makes it clear that it wants to be taken seriously right away. I.R.A Under the direction of Kerry Condon’s Doireann an operative completes their task, but not before causing some unintended damage. They make the mistake of landing in a village where Liam Neeson’s Finbar lives while fleeing to the Republic. Trouble is inevitable when this group rolls into town the lone man is trying to move on from his life as a hitman. In The Land of Saints and Sinners is essentially a Western, despite the shift in location. This horde poses a threat to the townspeople including the policeman in Hinds and Niamh Cusack’s neighbour who lives next door to Finbar. Flixtor full movies provides you to watch a movie you know for absolutely free.

Genre: 2024ActionCrimeMovieThriller


Duration: 1h 46m

Quality: HD