Appendage 2023

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Similar to the first short, Hannah’s anxiousness causes a growing lump to appear on her stomach, which she is startled to see developing into a creature that resembles the notorious lizard baby from the sci-fi miniseries V of the 1980s. Hannah chokes the “baby” and ties it up in the basement of her apartment building once it separates from her body and continues to make fun of her insecurities. Hannah becomes interested in “Dual DNA syndrome” after going to the doctor, which sends her down a Google rabbit hole. It appears Hannah had a twin in the womb who was eaten by her own foetus and has since come into existence. Hannah discovers a support group for folks with DDS and discovers that many people are dealing with the same issue. Browse all films and TV shows on Flixtor full movies for free in HD Quality.

Genre: 2023ComedyDramaHorrorMovie


Duration: 1h 34m

Quality: HD