Journey to Bethlehem 2023 CAM Version

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Mary, a young woman betrothed against her will to Joseph and constrained by the social mores of her era, is the protagonist of the movie. The couple finds themselves in a typical romantic comedy, complete with a meet-cute, arguments, and a scene where they fall in love under the glow of fireflies. When Mary is visited by the ostentatious angel Gabriel, who tells her that she will miraculously give birth to the Son of God, the romance implodes. Although the dialogue is not canonical, its meaning is conveyed. The way Joseph handled the matter was also not in line with the Bible. As opposed to being encouraged to wed his fiancée and comforted by an angel. Flixtor Vip offers a wide variety of cinematic genres, including thriller, horror, science fiction, action, adventure, and more.

Genre: 2023ActionFamilyMovieMusical


Duration: 1h 38m

Quality: CAM