5lbs of Pressure 2024

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We first meet Adam in 5lbs of Pressure where he is attempting to return to his former life. An ex-convict making a comeback to his former neighbourhood. Regretfully this is also where his crime happened. For a murder he committed on the streets he now freely walks he served 16 years in prison. And he’s free to, but he also gets up close and personal with all the debris he left behind. From Jimmy his son who was raised without him to his ex-girlfriend and the man’s unstable brother he was killed. Although Adam is eager to move on from his mistakes others around him don’t forgive and forget as quickly. Mike who is fed up with working for his drug-dealing uncle is another person we meet. Flixtor movie offers a large selection of streaming films and TV series in Hd quality.

Genre: 2024CrimeMovieRomanceThriller


Duration: 1h 51m

Quality: HD