Wicked Little Letters 2024

How To Stream Wicked Little Letters 2024 On FlixTor?
Wicked Little Letters is a crime comedy that follows a small town rocked by a slang letter scandal. The main suspect is a troublesome Irish woman who got into an argument with the victim. However all is not as it seems and an unlikely team must investigate. This comic takes us back to an alternate world in the 1920s where equality was not well established. It shows how easy it is to decide that Rose is guilty and how easy it is to remove Gladys from the investigation. It has a great message about how badly women were treated back in the day and how they could be judged harshly for not following others. We also deal with obsessive behavior and racism in Gladys. Topics are discussed and applied in ways specific to the period. We got amazing performances from Olivia Coleman and Jesse Buckley. Elsewhere Timothy Spall is a disturbing performance. Flixtor id offers service for streaming films online that lets you watch films in high definition.

Genre: ComedyCrimeDramaMovie


Duration: 1h 40m

Quality: HD