Ultraman: Rising 2024

How To Stream Ultraman: Rising 2024 On FlixTor?
The main character of Ultraman: Rising is baseball great Ken Sato. He leaves the Los Angeles Dodgers after a good season and returns to his home country of Japan. Ken’s comeback is shrouded in mystery and gossip and has less to do with his Central League team, the Yomiuri Giants. than completing a long-standing family duty and taking over as Ultraman permanently from his long-estranged father. Japan’s initial defense against kaiju on the rampage. Ken is a self-centered, spiteful, and egocentric personification of everything that a selfless superhero isn’t. That doesn’t stop him, though, from abandoning everything at any time to transform into Ultraman and protect Japan from kaiju. Kids special are avaiable to watch on Flixtor streaming platform.

Duration: 117 Min

Quality: HD