This Is Me… Now 2024

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The story of Taroo and Alida opens the movie. Because they are from two distinct clans that have been at war for all of eternity their parents have kept them apart. Alida pleads with the gods for justice as they transform her into a red rose knowing that their relationship is unattainable. Realizing this Taroo likewise asks the god for assistance in order to locate Alida. As usual, the devious and intricate gods transform him into a mockingbird. Since then people have come to believe that if they spot a mockingbird, they should be looking for Alida Taroo’s one true love who used to be represented by a red rose. Flixtor id shows a lot of movies and Tv shows for your enjoyment.

Genre: 2024MovieMusicMusical


Duration: 1h 5m

Quality: HD