Scoop 2024

How To Watch Scoop 2024 On FlixTor?
The film opens in New York City where a paparazzi named Jay Donnelly is called in for an early morning stakeout outside one of Jeffrey Epstein’s homes Donnelly and his partner spot the security guards and suspect Prince Andrew is inside. A young woman in her 20s is also seen leaving the house with bodyguards not even acknowledging her actions. Letting them know that she is a regular but Epstein and Prince Andrew are seen leaving the Epstein house and out for a morning walk Central Park Donnelly strikes gold. Donnelly tries to click a picture but can’t capture Andrew’s face for posterity. He crosses the garden runs a fence, hides on a rock and waits for the two of them to walk up the garden path. He manages to click through the images in quick succession eventually showing Andrew and Epstein walking down the street together. Painting a deeply thoughtful defining portrait of Andrew and Epstein’s relationship that returns nine years later. Flixtor allows you to watch TV series and films without a subscription.

Genre: BiographyDramaMovie


Duration: 1h 42m

Quality: HD