Mother of the Bride 2024

How To Stream Mother of the Bride 2024 On FlixTor?
When Brooke Shields learns that her daughter Emma is being married in Thailand in less than a month. She becomes the MOTHER OF THE BRIDE. Renowned geneticist Lana from San Francisco gives up everything to travel to see her kid and her fianc√©, RJ. The situation is further complicated when it is revealed that RJ’s father is actually Lana’s college flame. Will the one who got away. Misunderstandings will cause tension to arise between the former lovers, even though sparks will flare in the Thai resort. a new romantic interest in Lucas, a fellow Californian physician, and their new in-law arrangement. There are dozens of categories and collections to select from through Flixtor website.

Genre: 2024ComedyDramaRomance


Duration: 88 Min

Quality: HD