Land of Bad 2024

How To Stream Land of Bad 2024 On FlixTor?
Sgt. Kinney a rookie officer has been called in for a special mission to free a hostage held in a compound deep in the Philippine jungle. Reaper leads the small team from a distance using a military drone that serves as both a backup weapon system and their eye in the sky. However, when things go awry, some team members are forced to fight for their lives for 48 hours with no way of knowing what’s ahead save what Reaper can see from the air. That’s the nature of Land of Bad. It is violent harsh and it exalts the deeds of US soldiers no matter how many people they murder. With Flixtor movies discover this platform amazing feature of free movie and TV show streaming.

Genre: 2024ActionMovieThriller


Duration: 1h 53m

Quality: HD