IF 2024

How To Stream IF 2024 On FlixTor?
IF centers on 12-year-old Bea, who has arrived into New York City to live with her grandma. As her father is admitted to the hospital for a significant surgical procedure. Bea, who is still in shock at her mother’s early death, spends her time going over old home videos that capture her early years. Bea is followed home one night by an enigmatic stranger in the shadows. When Bea gets the guts to look into it, she goes to the top floor of her apartment building. Finds her neighbor Cal leading a group of bizarre and colorful creatures known as IFs. recognizing that these two imagined pals are the only individuals who are able to see and communicate with them. There is also a lot of exclusive content on the Flixtor movie website.

Genre: 2024AnimationComedyDrama


Duration: 104 Min

Quality: CAM