Ezra 2024

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Parenting paradoxes are brought to light in “Ezra,” which portrays a family negotiating this reality with understanding. Max and Jenna are both keen to see Ezra succeed, but they can’t agree on the ideal strategy. Although both parents really want to lessen Ezra’s difficulties, their divergent worldviews make it difficult for them to work together. Despite the strong bond Max has with his kid, expressionistic inclinations run the risk of jeopardizing Ezra’s stability. “Ezra” deftly challenges stereotypes by presenting autism as only one aspect of a multifaceted child and graciously examining unusual problems that many families encounter. Bobby Cannavale gives Max his complete attention. A loving father who finds it difficult to provide for his autistic kid, Ezra. Catch the June’s best cinema releases only at Flixtor streaming platform.

Genre: 2024ComedyDramaMovie


Duration: 101 Min

Quality: CAM